IF Centern

IF Centern was one of 82 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Laxacupen 2022. Two teams played until in Gruppspel; F13 (2009) blå but F13 (2009) Vit lost against Ifö Bromölla IF by 1-7.

Centern originates from Halmstad, which is the same city as where Laxacupen takes place. The area around HALMSTAD does also provide 12 additional clubs participating during Laxacupen 2022 (Among others: Kvibille BK, Snöstorp Nyhem FF, IS Halmia, IF Leikin, BK Astrio, Halmstads BK, Alets IK, IF Böljan Falkenberg, Trönninge IF and Vinbergs IF).

32 games played


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