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Asmundtorps IF

Medals 2022:
(Slutspel C )
Asmundtorps IF was one of 82 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Laxacupen 2022. The team in P13 (2009) made it to the the 5-6 in Slutspel C , but lost it against Hjulsbro IK 1 by 0-3.

Asmundtorps comes from Asmundtorp which lies approximately 88 km from HALMSTAD, where Laxacupen takes place. The area around Asmundtorp does also provide 7 additional clubs participating during Laxacupen 2022 (Linero IF, Bjärreds IF, Eslövs BK, IF Lödde, FC Staffanstorp, Ramlösa Södra IF and GIF Nike).

13 games played


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